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    Weekly Report using Pie Model




      I'm trying to accomplish a rather complex query (report), but I'm kinda lost here since I don't have much experience with queries


      So, the idea is to generate a weekly report using a PIE model (if possible). The information I need displayed is based on Last Communication. One part, is systems that have a last communication above 30 days (red), and the other part (green) systems which last communication is inferior to 30 days.

      So far, I got this part of the PIE done based on the Compliance query. But now, I need to add some more ingredients to the pie. I can either have it in the PIE or a separate list in the same report;

      - Separate those results into groups. Like, XXXXX  / nº of systems which last communication is over 30 days.


      Any hints how to do this?

      I'm sorry, I know this is something of a task someone who's administering ePO should know, but like I said, I'm still learning


      Thank's in advance for helping out