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    Windows Update and McAfee AntiVirus



      I have the McAfee InternetSecurity which was delivered with a dell Netbook.

      When I try to Update Windows, the Screen is frozen.

      I Can do nothing even thetime stops running.

      If I Stop the AntiVirus(after a hard reset because of the frozen system) everything works normal.

      Is there a other solution as shutdown the AntiVirus Protection for every Update?





      Sorry for the bad english.

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          Your English is fine.  I moved this provisionally to VirusScan.


          This is very odd because McAfee would normally allow any regular Windows Process to proceed without any delay..


          I suggest you scan for malware using Malwarebytes Free, see the last link in my signature below.  Do NOT accept the free trial offer otherwise you'll end up with the wrong version.


          Also can you tell me if your operating system is totally up to date, including Internet Explorer?   The reason I ask about IE is that McAfee and several Windows processes use it regardless of your default browser selection, if you use another browser.


          If there is no malware and your system is up-to-date then I suggest uninstalling, running the cleanup tool, rebooting and reinstalling as per this FAQ.

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            I try to install Mailwarebytes → Computer creshed again.

            Uninstall McAfee and check the Computer.

            No Problems detectet with:



            memory test (RAM)

            Dell Hardware diagnostics


            I Installd McAfee again.

            Thanks for the link to the FAQ, I dont now before that I only need my e-mail Adress and dont have to search for an licence key.

            At the moment the Computer is running normal.

            Thank you for the help.




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              Yes - no need for a licence key as you can always download the latest available from your account online.


              Maybe the original installation was corrupted which can happen fopr various reasons, malware included but often caused by the use of registry cleaners.


              Anyway glad it's OK now.