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    System care antivirus

      Hello, in my company, we have McAfee antivirus on all our machines. Las week i found 3 PCs, wich didnt work becouse of "system care antivirus". I tried to scan PCs with McAfee scanner and it didn't find anything.


      Why McAffe doesn't see it? Does McAfee know about this virus?


      P.S. I found a solution to delete virus from PCs. What I want to know, is why McAfee didn't block it and when would be released an update for it?

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          Peter M

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          There are excellent removal guides for most of these things online, for example here.   Please paste thefollowing link in your browser as this board is breaking links at the moment, alter the hxxp to http, hxxp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-system-care-antivirus - a place where the most reliable anti-malware guides can be found.


          None of the antivirus companies can handle these sorts of things because of the way they work, requiring some action, no matter how insignificant, on the part of the victim to activate them.


          The best solution is to surf wisely, be careful what one downloads, keep the systems all up to date and, if this is spotted, don't touch any key or mouse button, power off immediately.  Reboot to Safe Mode and try to initiate System Restore, if possible.


          Of course that would depend on the operating system and setup.


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            Peter M

            As you got rid of it, would you like me to move this back to perhaps VSE or ePO,  so they can comment?

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              Well you answered my question. But if someone can add something, it would be great

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                Peter M

                You want me to move it to the product forums?   Which product?

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                  Actually i had an answer, so just close this descussion. Thanks

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                    Peter M

                    OK.  Good luck ;-)