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    How to add a program to trusted list Artemis! 4F37F8BEFCD1

      I myself am having this issue i had the program its detecting as Artemis! 4F37F8BEFCD1 it was working fine then it began to detect it and move it to quarintined.

      i have tryed restoring it and putting it in the file to allow its in the allow file but still it removes it


      I need this file to play a online game and i trust it 100%.


      I tryed moving it to the exclude file but it wount allow that ither it just said it was untrusted and may harm my pc it refuses to give me the option to decide for myself what to do this option should be on mcafee so people can make up there own mind.


      I paid for this program Total Protection shouldnt i get some say over what it quarintines please look in to this issue asap as i cant get in to my game without this file.


      Thank you



      P.S i cant send it for analisis it said the file is too big.




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