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    EPO 4.6 Guided Configuration Wizard

    Furqan Ahmed

      Dear All,


      I have installed Epo4.6 evalution version on VM machine. firstly i have configure this server using guided configuration wizard and installed EPO agent 4.6 to our test enviorment. after this i have delete the setting which was configure through guided configuration wizard, than i have try to configure these setting maually. when i try to to access policy catalog tab it shows me the message "you don't have access to any product" . please someone helpme to rectify this issue.

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          Hi Furqan Ahmed,


          Try this workaround and let me know if it works? Also let me know do you have VSE 8.8 all extensions installed?

          After you have upgraded to ePO 4.6, manually reset the Global Reviewer permission settings:

          1. Log on to the ePO 4.6 console.
          2. Click Menu, User Management, Permission Sets.
          3. Click Global Reviewer under the Permission Sets column.
          4. On the left, review the permission settings with No permissions set and reset them as required.



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            Furqan Ahmed

            Dear Alexn,


            Thanks for the reply, i have login with the user "Admin". and try the method as you said above. But still i am getting the same error. i have reconfigure the all setting but no luck.

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              Furqan Ahmed

              Dear Alexn,


              Atlast the problem has been resolved, i have done the following configuration.


              1)     Logon to Epo4.6 console.

              2)     click on Menu,Software,software Manager and select Macfee agent 4.6 from evaluation cataegory and click check in .

              3)    when the downloading progress is completed i have select the macfee agent 4.6 from software checkin and install the reporting and policy extension 3 for the agent.


              I would like to ask one more qurestion.


              I have remove guided configuration wizard  from Menu,software,extensions. There is any way to restore this configuration wizard.