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    Youtube rule getting "Timeout during data fetch" error


      I implemented the Youtube rule to only allow specific Uploaders.  We are seeing a lot of errors such as this one:

      URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACR0kKYoejE

      URL Categories:

      Current Rule ID: 605

      Current Rule Name: YouTube: Get Video Information

      Error Message: (25004) Timeout during data fetch


      Here are the details of the rule in question:


      YouTube: Get Video Information

      Rule Criteria:
      Application.ToString (Application.Name) equals "YouTube" AND
      User-Defined.YouTubeVideoId does not equal "-"


      Set User-Defined.YouTubeTitle = ExtLists.String (User-Defined.YouTubeVideoId, "fields=title", "")<YouTube: (API)>
      Set User-Defined.YoutubeCategory = ExtLists.String (User-Defined.YouTubeVideoId, "fields=media:group(media:category)", "")<YouTube: (API)>
      Set User-Defined.YouTubeUploader = ExtLists.String (User-Defined.YouTubeVideoId, "fields=media:group(media:credit)", "")<YouTube: (API)>
      Set User-Defined.YouTubeDescription = ExtLists.String (User-Defined.YouTubeVideoId, "fields=media:group(media:description)", "")<YouTube: (API)>
      Set User-Defined.YouTubeKeywords = ExtLists.String (User-Defined.YouTubeVideoId, "fields=media:group(media:keywords)", "")<YouTube: (API)>
      Set User-Defined.YouTubeTitle = String.ReplaceAll (User-Defined.YouTubeTitle, """, "'")


      How do I troubleshoot why these errors are occurring?