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    How to Remove Internet Security Virus


      My customer is infected with this Internet Security 'Designed to Protect' malware as per some of these links:


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      My customer has McAfee consumer product Security Centre 11.6 - it did NOTHING. It didn't detect when it was installed and also can't remove it.


      The Malware calls itself 'Internet Security' and says that the PC is infected with W32/blaster.worm.


      McAfee refused to provide a removal tool or help in any way .....without me stumping up even more cash for their 'Virus Removal Team'.


      I don't trust a lot of the sites I found on Google with suggested 'fixes' - most of which involved downloading more programs.


      So does anyone have a verified SAFE proven method of getting rid of this virus/malware ?


      Infected machine is Windows 8.


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          Peter M

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          No antivirus software, no matter what brand, is guaranteed to stop everything out there.  The best prevenetion is an up to date system and software and careful use of same.


          McAfee has no particular removal tool for these sorts of things other than what is listed in the last link in my signature below.   None of the antivirus software makers do.


          They do, however, have a virus/malware removal service but, like all software makers, charge for that service.


          However there are always free alternatives.


          The first suggestion whenever something like this hits is to power off.   Better to lose whatever was on your desktop than the entire system.  


          Then reboot into Safe Mode and try to start System Restore.   I've outlined in that link so other tools that can then be deployed.


          These are the best removal guides on the web at the moment:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/

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            Peter M

            ..and here is the actual one I think: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-security-protection


            OK the name is slightly different but I would imagine the procedures are the same.


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              Peter M

              If you download Malwarebytes Free, which I always recommend, do NOT accept the free trial or you'll get the Pro version.


              Also it's one of the few tools that can be downloaded, updated and run all in "Safe Mode with Networking: if necessary.

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                Thank you very much for the assistance.


                However I would like to make the following point....


                Yes - I agree no anti-virus should be able to stop everything/anything being installed....particularly if its new or the user has clicked on something they shouldn't


                However my googling says that this malware is NOT something new.


                So IMHO McAfee - or any of its competiors - should be able to remove it after its installed.


                Otherwise the product is not living up to its marketing....and customers see it as deficient/defective and want a refund.  My customer certainly felt this way.....especially given their PC has been rendered useless when they thought they were protected.

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                  Peter M

                  Well perhaps they will add it and any variants that may occur from time to time, I don't know when such things happen.    The labs are constantnly adding to the database.


                  They do have specialist tools, all listed in that last link in my signature below.



                  Anyway, good luck.

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                    Thanks Peter...starting on the removal processes you suggested right now....

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                      The best way to get rid of this malware (Internet Security 2013) is to do it manually. First of all, you will need to terminate its malicious process called amsecure.exe. This can be done using  taskkill.exe command. But, there's another manual solution to removing the rogue.

                      1. Depending on the type of your operating system, search for the file “amsecure.exe” in these folders – C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\amsecure.exe for Windows XP andC:\ProgramData/amsecure.exe for Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Make sure you have the option to view hidden files and folders before searching for this file.
                      2. Rename this file “amsecure.exe” to any random name (like “virus.exe“) and reboot your computer.
                      3. Once you reboot the malware will no longer be active.
                      4. Open your Registry Editor and search for this registry entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Internet Security
                      5. Delete the above-mentioned registry entry when you find it.
                      6. Delete the file that you renamed to random name (previously named as “amsecure.exe“).
                      7. Download and install reliable anti-virus software for permanent anti-virus protection.


                      Visit this guide for more information on how to remove this virus - http://www.system-tips.net/remove-amsecure-exe-manually/

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