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    MVM ePO Integration

      5/22/13 6:31:09 PM Started: Foundstone Data Import
      5/22/13 6:31:09 PM Calculating FoundScores of assets on target Foundstone server...
      5/22/13 6:31:10 PM Transferring data from target Foundstone server to ePO...
      5/22/13 6:31:12 PM Failed to import data from Foundstone server, Error: Invalid object name '#FStmp_Vuln'.
      5/22/13 6:31:12 PM MVM_Import (Import assets and related information from Foundstone server)

      Can somebody help in deciphering what could be the possible reason for this failure in importing data from MVM 7.5.? The database connectivity test was successful while creating server task.


      MVM 7.5

      ePO 4.6.

      ePO extension 6.8

      SQL 2008

      Windows 2008 R2