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    Groupshield 7.0.2 with Exchange 2010 SP3


      hi there,


      i performed a brand new installation for a costumer. no ePO is running.



      windows 2008 r2 sp1

      exchange 2010 sp3


      now i tried to install groupshield 7.0.2 in this order:

      1) GSE702ENL.ZIP (Deployment package for a fresh install of GSE v7.0.2 on Microsoft Exchange 2010)

      2) GSE702HF616318.zip (This Hotfix is mandatory if you are planning to deploy SP1 (or higher) for Exchange 2010.  It fixes an incompatibility issue with GroupShield 7.0.2 and Exchange 2010 SP1)
      3) GSE702PATCH1.ZIP (THIS PATCH1 INCLUDES GSE702ROLLUP2 as well AndAddresses Oracle Outside In vulnerability in the CorelDRAW file.)

      4) GSE702HF722781.zip (McAfee GroupShield 702 for Microsoft Exchange 2010 Hotfix 722781 (Refer KB KB75991))

      5) GSE702HF837850.zip (GSE702 Hotfix for Exchange 2010 SP3)


      but on step 2 i recieve an error (see attached log file). so i can`t update.


      how can i update groupshield 7.0.2 to work with exchange 2010 sp3?