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    Users per client synch – limited to 50?


      Question: There is a setting in ePO under: Configuration > Server Settings > Endpoint Encryption > "Batch size for retrieving users" (which can be 100 - 1000 users). Is this supposed to be the batch size for the server pulling from AD, or the batch size for clients pulling from ePO? If it is the latter, it doesn't seem to be taking effect on the clients. I have it set to 500 and still only get 50 users per synch. I've tried having a script force the client to perform repeated ASCIs to pull down more than 50 users (via CmdAgent.exe which seems a bit jerry-rigged). It would be nice if there was a way to increase the default user pull per synch. I'm still used to version 5.x where it would just pull down however many users were assigned / modified all at once, which was nice and effective.


      Any suggestions?





      btw, I'm currently running ePO 4.6.6, McAfee Agent, Encryption Agent, Encryption for PC