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    Deploying DLP 9.2 to clients


      Hello group,


      We have ePO 4.6 in our Windows based network. I'm looking to deploy DLP 9.2 to about 300 nodes. I've tested with one device and it appears that the user will have to be involved in the install process. Is there any way to do a silent installation? Like McAfee Agent, VirusScan, etc?




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          The user is asked for a reboot, but you can configure the McAfee Agent policy to stop requesting it. If you do so, you can wait until the user reboots the machine on his own, or force the reboot when the software installs.



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            You can also creat a DLP package using McAfee Software designer selecting all needed options there.


            But obviously user will not be intracted in this case, still you have to set agent policy to reboot machine at the end of shift so DLP could install its filter driver.

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              So, the McAfee Software designer...is that freely available?

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                George, Where would I configure the agent? I'm in the DLP Policy, select Agent Configuration, but don't see the option to stop requesting the reboot.


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                  YOuy may go to download site and  under your granted products look for this designer.


                  @nd Q.


                  You will not set any policy for DLP agent but Mcafee agent General policy  from ePO console under Policy catalog.


                  Reboot options after product deployment (Windows only): Set the time or uncheck the options.

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                         If you are deploying via SCCM and have the executables for both 64bit and 32bit, you will need to create two collections identifying 32bit systems and 64bit Systems. The second and most important is the executables, the switches to install DLP Endpoint silently with no user interaction is DLPAgentInstaller.x86.exe Reboot=R /q OR for 64bit DLPAgentInstaller.x64.exe Reboot=R /q. I have tested this on our enterprise network to VMs and desktops and it does not reboot nor show interaction with the user. The only downside is all the machines require a reboot to finish installation and register as being installed.


                         I have noticed that McAfee uses the same switches across the board with their products. If you look at any of the install guides for their products and see the installation via command-line they have switches that can be used for installation. For instance, I only discovered this since I am also deploying Virus Scan Enterprise to our clients and the install guide had all the switches: https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 22000/PD22944/en_US/vse_880_installation_guide_en-us.pdf (Pages16-18).


                         Even if you are not using SCCM, deploying via script/batch file will still work with the switches Reboot=R and /q. Reboot=R suppresses the reboot and /q is a silent install switch. Hope this Helps HAPPY HUNTING!





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