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    Windows 7: Remote Assistance blocked by McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention

    Freddy Medina



      I'm currently deploying McAfee HIP on enterprise enviroment, and I've noticed I can't perform Remote Assistance on machines with HIP installed. It's blocked by my rule "Blocked Untrusted NetBIOS" that blocks: loc-srv (135), netbios-ns (137) - netbios-ssn (139).


      If i remove that rule, the "Block all Traffic" defaul rule blocks it. I understand that i need to create some specific rule to permit Remote Assistance. I've tried open:


      • TCP port 135
      • TCP port 3389
      • All TCP ports that are greater than 1024


      According to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/301527, but it doesn't work.


      Can you help me with this?


      I'm using a W7 (64-bit), ePO server 4.6.1 and Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0.0


      Many thanks!




      P.D. Remote Desktop works fine!