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    Filtering Detected Systems?

      Hello all, Im new to this site and my role in ePO management, and had a question.


      Heres the situation:

      Im a site reviewer for a portion of the system tree.

      We are using ePO 4.5.

      Within the system tree I have access/visibility to, I can see about 60 systems.

      When I go to detected systems, it shows the total number of rogue systems for the entire system tree, which includes an extremely higher amount of rogue systems than what I am privy to view in my little part of the tree.


      I ask you all this-is there a way I can filter (or get my global admins to filter for me) what shows up in the detected systems page to just show rogues detected in my area, or am I limited to just using queries and dashboards to filter those numbers down? Thank you all in advance!