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    McAfee constantly using over 50% CPU



      I have McAfee Internet Security installed on a Windows 8 laptop.


      The System Idle Process and mcsheild.exe are both using around 50% CPU therefore overall my CPU is running at 100%.

      Task manager show the McAfee On-Access Scanner Service / McAfee Anti-Malware Core as the main culprit.


      Plesase could I have some suggestions on what to check to reduce the CPU usage?

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          Peter M

          Technical Support would probably be your best avenue for troubleshooting this, and they are linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  Free by phone or online chat.


          (If an email option is shown I don't recommend that as it is by far the slowest way of obtaining help).


          However there are a few things that could be to blame.  The main one is email - always empty your Inbox - make sub folders if you need to store them for later perusal.


          If you have any attached drives, USB etc. the application scans them, so if not in use detach them.   Exceptions would be external hard drives of course.


          Generally the software will work hard scanning everything in your system but should quieten down once the scan is complete.


          The process can be interrupted or prolonged by hard drive disk-read errors, so it may be a good idea to check the hard drive for errors.


          How to check a drive for errors in Windows 8


          Also it could be because your software is not the latest version.  Can you open it and post what it says under "About" please?  (Just SecurityCenter version is enough).


          Also always ensure that Windows is totally up to date, including any parts you may not use.  (IE for instance if you use another email client), and keep software, drivers etc. etc. up to date.








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            Hi Peter,


            Thank you for your reply, i will try the support line shortly.


            The Security Centre details are:

            Version:                12.1

            Build:                    12.1.323

            AffId:                      0

            Language            en-gb

            Last Updated      31/03/2013


            I have just run another update which updated the Firewall application, AV was updated yesterday.

            Based on the about section.


            Windows is also fully updated.

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              Peter M

              Well the software sounds to be OK so Support is probably your best bet.  Good luck ;-)