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    Email Reports :An error has occurred!(Email Gateway 7.02)


      Hi all


      I find a error in our company device , when I choose Email Reports (Email Gateway version:7.02)


      An error has occurred!

      An error has occurred that the client is unable to recover from. Please reload your browser window or navigate to the appliance.


      for a detail:

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

      --- SCMAdmin User Interface - BEGIN EXCEPTION DUMP ---

      stack: ("policy","1")@

      ([object Object])@

      ([object Object],"addrow",[object Object])@

      gw_drawNotifyFn("gw_repFavList",[object Object],"addrow",[object Object])@

      __bindFunction([object Object],"addrow",[object Object])@


      (true,true,0,50,true,(void 0))@






      lineNumber: 4



      userAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.2; rv:7.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0

      appName: Netscape

      appVersion: 5.0 (Windows)

      appCodeName: Mozilla

      language: zh-TW

      mimeTypes: [object MimeTypeArray]

      platform: Win32

      oscpu: Windows NT 5.2



      product: Gecko

      productSub: 20100101

      plugins: [object PluginArray]

      cookieEnabled: true

      onLine: true

      buildID: 20110922153450

      geolocation: [object GeoGeolocation]



      --- SCMAdmin User Interface - END EXCEPTION DUMP ---



      Do you know how can I fix it ?