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    OSPF on DHCP interfaces




      Does anyone know if it is possible to configure OSPF IPv4 on an interface that has its IP address assigned using DHCP (ignoring security best practice - I have a good reason for it).


      Looking at the quagga documentation makes me think it is only possible for IPv6




      On a Cisco you would do this like :


      interface blah

        ip address dhcp

        ip ospf 100 area x.x.x.x





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          I don't see anywhere in the admin guide that it says you cannot do this.  I don't see anywhere that you can do this either.  I think it's up to you to try it out and see if it works.


          If you have an HA pair you cannot do this as you cannot use DHCP interfaces in an HA pair.

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            Thanks sliedl, I thought much the same.


            I am currently trying to design a system with 50 of these firewalls, but unfortunately I do not have any to play with yet, so its a bit tricky without being able to prototype - hence the post.


            We are not using them in HA configuration.

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              Do you have a VMWare environment to call upon (either ESXi or VMWare workstation)?


              If so you can apply for a trial license from your reseller and then download the VMWare virtual machine instance from the McAfee download site.


              It is a very handy thing to have as it means you can look at Firewall configuration scenarios without actually having a physical device to call upon.