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    How do I approved Moderated comments?

      To help control comments\discussions - I use the "Moderated" option for comments for my content


      Checking my account, I have 5 moderation requests


      I select to approve but the result states unauthorized.




      Please advise how to correct this problem

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          Peter M

          Terry I see you're with Intel.  Only Moderators or Administrators usually have the power to action Moderated items, however if you are in charge of a group and you feel you should have the power then PM the board Administrator to the right of her profile HERE.


          That said I don't see any Moderation items so they must be in a queue belonging to someone else.




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            Peter M

            I suppose in the meanwhile you could open the items to comments.  If you are the originator you would be notified if someone comments anyway and if it's spam or similar you  can then simply report it as abuse and we would deal with it.

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              Terry Cutler is part of ePO Deep Command, which is a Private Group, so the question is really whether there is anybody in the group who has Moderator or Admin privileges and can approve or reject comments appended to documents and blogs.


              Terry's been very active in creating content, so I suppose he's not keen on having people ask questions in the comments section that should be posted in the group. On the other hand refusing to allow comments to be added at all could exclude some useful discussions.


              Perhaps as you suggest this should be passed to the Board Administrator. The group needs someone with moderator privileges, and appears not to have one.