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    Current / Previous Branch


      Hi All,


      Can someone explain the current / previous branches and how they work? Does the file structure get installed on every machine as part of the Agent update, and when new .dat files or any other new ePO application gets distributed it will find its way the the current/previous branches?


      How would this get populated if a manual update was completed as opposed to a scheduled one?


      Thanks for any information.

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          Hi czql5v,


          There are three branches in EPO Master Repository,

          1 Current

          2 Previous

          3 Evaluation


          Current - All the Packages you want to deploy to your Client Machines are there in this branch, and by default McAfee Agents takes updates from this Branch.


          Previous - This is the branch, where you generally keep your old version of McAfee Products or old DAT. Whenever there is a new McAfee Product Version is released, you check-in the pacakge into Current Branch of Master Repository, and move the exiting one into Previous branch, so that you have the old version of the McAfee Product as well. There is no hard and fast rule to move the Old version of McAfee Product version to Previous branch, you can delete it as well. But some EPO admins wants to have the old versions as well, so they move it to Previous branch.


          Evaluation - This branch is generally used for Testing Purpose. Suppose in your environment, you dont want to push any updates to the production machines unless you test it and monitor the behaviour of the new McAfee Product or updates before testing it, then you can check-in the McAfee Product or updates into this branch, change the McAfee Agent policy for the test machine to get the updates from Evaluation Branch instead of Default Current branch, let the updates be pushed to Test Machines and then monitor it and once satisfied, change the branch of the Product or update to Current branch, so that it can be pushed to all the machines in the Production Environment.



          When you update the machine manually, then Current, Previous and Evaluation Branch concept doesnt come into picture, as you have manually updated the Machine.


          Please revert for any queries.

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            Thank you very much for replying AJ. where are the 3 branches installed? is it on every ePO managed machine or just on servers that hold repositories, for example superagents etc, etc?

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              It will be in the ePO server's master repository (\Program files\McAfee\ePO\DB\Software). The folders will be created when you check in the packages to the different branches and when you run the replication, these folders will be replicated to the DRs (distributed repositories).