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    Uninstalling parental control blocked any web access



      I just bought Vaio under windows 8 and as the hard drive was half full, I had a look at what I could uninstall. This machine comes with a lot of pre-installed Sony stuff, plus the McAfee As I live alone, I thought I didn't need the Mc Afee parental control and uninstalled it from Windows control panel add/remove programs functionality.

      Just after that, internet explorer stopped beeing able to access the web. The metro applets (I don't know the real term) that rely on the web also don't work (the content is not up-to-date anymore for news and weather).


      Network and Internet by itself still seems to be accessible: Windows updates and Mc Afee updates seem to work (although I may be wrong) and I could ping my router. Also, I could register my McAfee Internet Security (which sent my email to McAfee).


      Any idea of how I can restore my machine to a usable state ? Thanks in advance.

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          What version of McAfee is this? It must be a more recent version than mine, which doesn't have the option to get rid of Parental Controls (which I don't need either).


          Blocking access for programs looks more like a firewall issue, but at this stage I don't see the connection.

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            version is 11.6.477. There were two entries in the add/remove program of Windows: "McAfee Internet Security" and another whose name was somthing like McAfee  Parental Control (from memory, so not fully sure of the exact name)

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              Well, you've got Internet Security and so have I; where you've got Security Center version 11.6.477 I've got 11.6.511


              I don't see a separate entry in Add/Remove Programs for Parental Controls, but perhaps there's a different installation method for Windows 8. I'll have to ask.


              What there is by way of additional removable content I can only get to by clicking on the Add/Remove button for Internet Security, and then I get the usual removal dialog which shows just SiteAdvisor. Again, if it's different for Windows 8 this is where I would expect to see additional options.

              Remove McAfee.JPG



              But this is not really the main point of your post. If internet access was affected by removing a McAfee component - and I don't think it should have been - there has to be a way to restore it. So if you open Security Center and go to Firewall Settings, check what you see there. If anything is obviously different to what it should be, reset it and retry. If you still can't connect we'll need Ex_Brit, who knows more about McAfee on Win 8 than I do.

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                Parental Controls may appear separately if installed but I am not sure of that as I have never installed it.   Windows 8 under the hood is basically the same as 7 anyway, so I don't see anything special regarding the OS and this issue.    Family Protection is a totally separate product and would definitely appear as it's own entry in Control panel > Programs.  Again I have not used it, so can't help there and I see that there is still nothing much in the Technical Support FAQ's about Parental Controls.


                I recommend contacting Technical Support via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.  They are only open Monday to Friday in France but it's free via phone or online chat.


                Meanwhile try reparing your Network Connection - on the desktop you should see the network icon by the clock - right-click and "Diagnose and Repair".


                Also try resetting Internet Explorer to defaults by opening and going to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click reset.


                Click Apply and OK and say yes to any prompts.


                Close and reopen IE and go to Tools/Add-ons and re-enable any you need.








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                  BTW this probably was caused because before uninstalling Parental Controls you should have signed into MPC as the Administrator and lifted all restrictions on each user in turn, then gone ahead.   Now I really am not sure if reinstating Parental Controls then going through that exercise may help here.

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                    Thanks for the answer. I had answered to your message but probably did something wrong as I don't see my answer in the thread. So let me retry:

                    - I have that window, but without the "browser tools" part.

                    - I have disabled the firewall for some time and it did not help. I also turned off the Netguard option for internet explorer with no success.


                    Also, installing google chrome does no difference, expect it returnes an error message:

                    "Error 138 (net::ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED): Unable to access the network"


                    I did reset IE, disabled the plugins(following some instructions at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956196/en-us), tried to repair the network connection but none of these give any result. Also note that the network works, I can ping wikipedia.org and it answers. The network icon tells me I am connected to internet. Using ethernet cable also does not help.


                    I'm really getting out of ideas :-/


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                      Technical Support maybe is the best road to go for you now, as I suggested earlier.

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                        well, I have found the culprit following the Microsoft tips linked above: If I desactivate the "McAfee Content Filter" service in msconfig, everything is back to normal. Is there a way to configure this service ?

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                          That could be part of SiteAdvisor although I'm not too sure.  I certainly don't seem to have that item in mine.  Most likely it's part of Family Protection/Parental Controls.   That's why Technical Support is best to explain that.

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