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    Account hijacked - offensive messages



      I logged on to my account online, to discover that 2 of my 3 licences appeared to be being used by people in the US who I don't know (I am in the UK).


      i read the previous threads on hijacking and thought that it was just a glitch, but I removed them from my account by deactivating them and assumed it would be ok.


      However, I logged on a few days later and one of them had edited their knickname to be "F****er" - now even if this is just a phantom appearance on the online account, I don't want to be seeing this every time I log in - it seems like they are trying to communicate through the knickname, which is a bit worrying?


      Any way I can get them completely off my account page?



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          It's a glitch at the McAfee end and, although it appears they are using your account, they are not and do not have any access to it either.   They are probably experiencing the same thing on their accounts.  It's something to do with computers having similar MAC addresses, it was explained to me but was too technical for me to really figure out what was causing it.  I had about 6 strangers showing on mine for a while and I thought that they had sorted this out ages ago.


          You should speak to Customer Service directly as there is nothing we can do from this board.


          As I said rest assured, they have no access to your account but can change the names that show for their machines.  In my case I found that I could change the names on the strangers' machines, but had no access to their accounts.




          They are only open for phone and online chat Monday to Friday in the UK.  There is an email option which you can use, but I warn you, that method is by far the slowest.   I would wait until Monday and phone them.








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            If I remember the details of the discussion correctly, DK said that this happens when MAC addresses (taken from the hardware address of the network card) are the same on different machines - something which, in theory, should never happen. Except it does, not least because there are tools available that allow you to change your MAC address.


            I came across a long and heated debate about this on the Dell networking forum. It got quite technical ...


            For networking dummies like me, there's a short and not too complex explanation about it all at


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              I had 7 "visitors" and they went away a few months ago but now Mcafee seems to have accidently restored the issue. It will be fixed asap and as ex_brit says ignore it they cannot access or see your account and do not even know you can see their PC names.


              Gives you a fright That I would agree.

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                We've been told on our conference call today that the problem is being worked on but those phantom users cannot see your account details.