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    Access protection blocking On Demand Scanner on Windows XPE (embedded)?


      We are having problems runing on demand scanner tasks on Windows XP Embedded systems.


      In the agent logs the task seems to run fine but it only takes 14 seconds to perform a full scan. The OnDemandScanner.txt file does not exist in the targets systems.


      We tried to execute the same task diabling the Access Protection, and then, the ODS task runs ok. The AccessProteccion.txt log file does not show anything.


      Have anyone experience this issue? Perhaps is something related to the Access Protection and Buffer Overflow  DAT version 647. In ohers systems (WIndows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2008), the same ODS task is executed without any problem and with the Access protection enabled.


      In the Windows XPEs systems we have tried running the ODS task with VSE 8.8 P1, VSE 8.8 P2, and agent versions 4.6 P3 and 4.8.