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    How to see or set NIC buffer size on sensor?


      Is it possible to see or set NIC buffer size on sensors?.


      The showintfport command does not show this information.


      show intfport 1A



      Displaying port 1A


      Administrative Status   : DISABLED

      Operational Status      : DOWN

      Operating Mode          : INLINE_FAIL_CLOSED

      Duplex                  : FULL

      Port Connected to       : INSIDE

      Port Speed              : 10 GBPS

      Actual Port Property    : Not Present

      Configured Port Property: Fiber, Allow only McAfee certified connector

      Additional Porttype Info:

      Total Packets Received  : 0

      Total Packets Sent      : 0

      Total CRC Errors Rcvd   : 0

      Total Other Errors Rcvd : 0

      Total CRC Errors Sent   : 0

      Total Other Errors Sent : 0

      Flow Control Status     : OFF