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    After upgrading from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1 assigned users are getting 'lost'??




      Had this with two testers now. install the 7.0.1 set of encryption software, it works for a few days. then suddenly the user goes to login and gets an unknown user at the PBA?


      checking the log I see events like this:


      2013-05-16 09:14:40,680 INFO    DomainUsers                          Found new (unprocessed in this session) local domain user: me\pierce

      2013-05-16 09:19:44,036 WARNING EpoPlugin                            userHandler: local domain user (me\pierce) could not be assigned to system.

      2013-05-16 09:24:33,348 INFO    UserLib                              userLib: user pierce (mySID) has been removed


      anyone else noticed this?