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    VSE "Action Taken" Report


      Hello everyone,

      I was hoping to see if anyone knew the definitions to the following terms from the VSE Threat Events "Action Taken" report. I have searched everywhere and I have found an archived post that did not have all of what i need.

      First off, my question, What do the following terms mean from the VSE "action Taken" report?  :

      Deny Terminate
      Would Deny Execute
      Would Deny Read
      Deny Write
      Would Deny Write
      Would Deny Create
      Would Deny Delete
      Deny Delete
      Deny Execute
      Deny Create
      Would Deny Terminate
      Access Denied
      Would Block


      Some of it was answered in the post https://community.mcafee.com/message/45664#45664 but it is sitll not clear to me and the post did not answer all of what I need.

      attached is a screenshot of what I am referring too.


      Thank you in advance !!