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    Safeboot/Endoint Encryption MBR issue

      I have struggled with issue for a couple of days and I have done research on trying to fix it, but I feel it is sort unique that I turn to McAfee forum for help.


      So I have a laptop that has Win 7 and Safeboot/Endpoint Encryption is installed and it was working fine.

      I have been able to boot to a live Linux CD and/or USB without any issues and has not messed with the internal hard drive....until.....


      I tried to modify the USB Live image by reinstalling it.  The problem was when I got clicked to quick when prompted to install Grub.  So it proceeded to install it on the main hard drive where Safeboot and Windows exists.  Of course Grub didn't detect an OS, because the ecryption didn't allow it.  The USB install didn't go well and I am stuck with Grub on the main hard drive and it cant detect any OS.

      I tried to remove Grub and tried to restore MBR, but I have been failing.  

      Now I turn the McAfee experts to help me rescue and set to oiginal install so I am able to boot normal.

      I would believe any no MBR rescue disks wil be able to do anything unless the can detect Safeboot.


      Any guidance is appreciated.

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          you need to contact your IT team, only they can recover your machine. You've overwritten the MBR, and of course, depending on how far the liveCD installer went, maybe overwritten or formatted some of your Windows partition as well. Most likely you need to have the drive decrypted, then hope a file recovery tool can find your data.