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      Can anyone verify whether a agent upgrade task to on Windows 7 causes blue screen? I just did a smoke test on my Mcafee testbed with one catch - I performed a series of windows updates as well as upgraded McAfee agent at the same time. I then rebooted. Now I have a bricked Windows 7 machine. Fortunately this is on a dedicated McAfee Testbed. Too bad McAfee doesn't seem to perform smoketest on there own product and they pawn off the task to customers....for the utmost cost cutting and poor software QA. This could be a unique case where upgrading the agent and windows patch at the same time causes the blue screen. Something I would like to pin point before I roll-out to a few thousand users who could come across a similar deployment snafu, in turn blaming the security team for breaking there computers as they love to do when we upgrade McAfee.