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    Telephone support?

      Hello, I just purchased the platinum virus removal package where someone will basically remove the virus fom my computer. However, i was not given a phone # to call, i was given an order number and a message to check my e-mail which still has no phone #. Am I suppose to wait for a phone call? I'm very frusturated!
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          Click Customer Service Chat in my signature to chat with a representative and ask them what is happening.

          You must disable all pop-up blockers for Chat to work.
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            I have the same issue. I never received a telephone number for Mcafee virus removal phone support after payng my $89 and getting a conformation number. Does this telephone number exist? Can someone please help me.:mad:
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              Did you click Virus Removal at the top of this page and follow the prompts?

              If you got cut off then you can get a refund by clicking the Customer Service link at top of the page also. There it's free to talk to Customer Service either by phone or using online chat.

              This is a very old thread so closing it.

              If you need help removing an infection here in the forum please post a new thread in this forum with more details of what is happening, your operating system and service pack and what McAfee product versions you have installed.