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    Linuxshield wont start


      Good day,


      I am unable to start Linuxsheild I get an error when i try to start it


      I run this command /etc/init.d/nails start and recieved this error " no such file or directory", Im new to McAfee and I do not know Linux.


      I have RedHat 4 and Linuxsheild 6 installed.


      How do I start Linuxshield when it's failling to start?


      Thank you

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          Have you gone through the compatibility list before installing the VSEL?


          If your system cannot find the service nails then it may be due to the following reasons:


          • Errors during installation - have a look through the logs to check whether there was issues during the installation
          • Compatibility Issues - the version installed may not be compatible with the OS / Kernel Version - have a look in the product/installation guide to verify if your OS is supported


          Helpful Commands:


          uname -r  : to verify the Kernel version of your OS


          • Sometimes, the main reason could be that the Kernel has been partially compiled. Try rebooting the system and start nails again.


          Hope it helps !!