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    Zip Files


      Hi All,


      We have been given some .zip updates to manually install on the new system until we can get this process automated. The problem is my old system is all set up to pull from various Superrepositories via a master repository. The updates at present are in a folder on a shared e$ drive called AV Updates. I have uploaded them into that folder but dont know what to do from here. I did not set this epo server up and was wondering what we do with these updates?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          At a guess from your description it might be this, taken from the ePO product guide:


          Check in packages manually


          You can manually check in the deployment packages to the master repository so that the ePolicy

          Orchestrator software can deploy them.



          For option definitions, click ? in the interface.


          1 Click Menu | Software | Master Repository, then click Actions | Check In Package.

          The Check In Package wizard opens.


          2 Select the package type, then browse to and select the wanted package file.


          3 Click Next.

          The Package Options page appears.


          4 Confirm or configure the following:

          • Package info — Confirm this is the correct package.

          • Branch — Select the wanted branch. If there are requirements in your environment to test new packages before deploying them throughout the production environment, McAfee recommends

          using the Evaluation branch whenever checking in packages. Once you finish testing the packages, you can move them to the Current branch by clicking Menu | Software | Master Repository.

          • Options — Select whether to:

          • Move the existing package to the Previous branch — When selected, moves packages in the master repository from the Current branch to the Previous branch when a newer package of the same type is checked in. Available only when you select Current in Branch.

          • Package signing — Specifies if the package is a McAfee or a third‑party package.


          5 Click Save to begin checking in the package, then wait while the package is checked in.

          The new package appears in the Packages in Master Repository list on the Master Repository tab.

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            Hi racroyd,


            Thnks for replying. Your answer is correct and i have managed to sort it out now.


            Thank you very much.