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      When running a report in Web Reporter for the top 1000 URLs accessed in the last three months, I've asked to get the number of hits per URL but it gives me a value of 1 for each URL. If I ask for the same thing but ask for sites instead of URLs, I get accurate numbers of hits. Does anyone have any insight into why this is occurring>?


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          Yes.. I'm not surprised by your results becuase urls are highly unique.  URL includes the path after the hostname.


          But then again, you should still see some URLs at the top of your list, because people often enter just the site name in their browser, such as www.google.com, or cnn.com, etc.  So this would mean that you forgot to sort your list.  Go to the column properties of your query, then select hits, and make the sort order descending to put the highest hit counts at the top.