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    Export Device Details from DLP Monitor


      Hello All,


      I would like to obtain serial number of all removable devices, specifically USB, plugged in to my network to build an Authorized List. Below is my evironment:

      1. Clients: Windows 7
      2. ePO: 4.6
      3. DLP: 9.2
      4. DLP/DCM policy: currently monitoring only.




      From the DLP Monitor, I can export event details but not device details. (Refer to attachment).  How can I export USB serial number or other device details from DLP monitor data?


      Thank you in advance for your assistance.


      Best Regards,



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          Right-clicking on the event will allow you to export the event's device parameters to csv.  The csv can then be imported into the device definition via the import button for the serial number field.

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            The way you do it is to export or copy device details for single USB device.. I was able to do that too. But I want to export SN of lots of devices.




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              After studying TonyW's reply and some tries, I think I found the solution. It takes a little effort, but it works. I hope someone would find a better solution.

              Below is what I did:

              1) build a filter

              2) export all events based on filter

              3) select all events, R-click, select Export Device Event Parameters.

              4) perform some data manupulation and merge the 2 exported data (step 2 and 3).


              As mentioned, I hope someone with more DLP experience can provide a better solution.