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    EPO Client Tasks not displayed


      Hi All,


      Yesterday after refreshing the Agent extension on my EPO server 4.5. p6 All Client Tasks vanish. They are not displayed anymore. When trying to recreate the same task EPO says Task already exist ! Have also noticed that the associates Agent Policies disapear. Have tried to restore the Agent Policy from a backup, Policies are back but no luck with Client Tasks.

      Tx in advance for your feedback.



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          Sounds like something is cranky in the database.

          Either restore from last known good (See support article KB66616) or open a support call for review please.

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            Thank you for your answer. Have spent several hours to try to fix the pb. Have found some weird points. Agent Policy was gone and the server was not pushing any update. Have restored the Agent policy from a backup file but Tasks were still missing and I was not able to Edit the Agent policy for checking. Upon edition I receive the message "an unexpected error occur". Finally since the situation start to be critical, more than 70 % of my systems were not updated anymore. I have Deleted the restored policy, rechecked the Agent package including the extension, reloaded Agent policy from the backup and recreated the Tasks. It fixed the problem.

            Bizarre have already experienced this on EPO v4. in the past.

            Do you know where client Tasks are stored ?





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              Client tasks are in the database, removal of a product extension removes all associated tasks and policies from the database.

              So removal & re-checking in the extension effectively refreshes all of that but you do need to regenerate your tasks & policies again after. (Or restore them from known good as you have done).


              Since that's fixed your problem i'd hazard a guess that something was wrong in the DB in that respect.

              Impossible to say more unfortunately, but at least you've recovered from it !

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                I regret to not have enough time to dig on that and try to explain or found a solution. But when the average of oudated machines is too high some folks on the board start to be quite stressed even if we are only 1 Dat late.

                Thank you again for your time.