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    Audit Log to find movement of assets in System Tree

      Hello All,


      We are using ePO 4.6 for McAfee Anti-Virus and HIPS.

      I am trying to find out who moved a particular asset in a particular folder of a system tree.


      Which logs do I need to see to find this out?

      How can find out who moved it?

      Where to look for the logs? And which particular log?


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          It would be in the audit log if anywhere, bu it may not go to that level of detail.


          Usage is covered in the product guide, but basically:


          Use the Audit Log to maintain and access a record of all McAfee ePO user actions. The Audit Log entries are displayed in a sortable table. For added flexibility, you can also filter the log so that it

          displays only failed actions, or only entries that are within a certain age.


          The Audit Log displays seven columns:


          • Action — The name of the action the McAfee ePO user attempted.

          • Completion Time — The time the action finished.

          • Details — More information about the action.

          • Priority — Importance of the action.

          • Start Time — The time the action was initiated.

          • Success — Whether the action was successfully completed.

          • User Name — User name of the logged-on user account that was used to take the action.


          Audit Log entries can be queried against. You can create queries with the Query Builder wizard that target this data, or you can use the default queries that target this data. For example, the Failed

          Logon Attempts query retrieves a table of all failed logon attempts.