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    Mcafee Master installer has stopped working

      I am trying to install Mcafee on my tower (I already have it installed on my laptop) which is running Wondows Vista with service pack 2 - but it hangs and windows gives me the message:


      Mcafee Master Installer has stopped working

      A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

      Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


      The computer is having other issues, which I hoped to solve with Mcafee - for example, I had to download the McAfee installer with my laptop and transfer it to my tower with a flash drive because any program I try to download (including updates from Microsoft) fail at the last minute with an error message about failing a virus scan, or a virus scan failing.


      I have run the McAfee pre-install software, and tried to install McAfee after a restart - but no success.


      Any suggestions?

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          Peter M

          Run Stinger, Malwarebytes Free (don't accept the trial offer) and perhaps RootkitRemover from the last link in my signature below.   Infection may be causing this and your other issues.   If it's an unknown infection then the installer will balk at continuing.


          You might also want to run GetSusp and enter your email in Preferences so they can notify you of any findings.   (It takes a while for results to return).










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            Peter M

            Also something to check, as McAfee uses Internet Explorer, whether or not you do, make sure it and its add-ons are up to date, IE9 for Vista, and set to defaults.

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              Ran GetSusp....

              15 suspicious files and 23 unknown files

              It saved my scan results in a zip file on my C drive, sent log files to McAfee labs, but

              "Zip file is >10 MB. Unable to send to McAfee Labs."


              Also, I'm trying once again to install McAfee, now it warns me that AVG may cause problems, but when I try to uninstall AVG Free 8.5 I get:


              AVG Installation Failed!

              Press Details to show the error details.

              (press "details..." and get)


              Installer initialization failed due to following error:

                  Error: @AvgErrorCode_0x0253 %FILE% = "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8"


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                Peter M

                Always uninstall any other antivirus before trying to install a new one.  AVG have a tool I believe.


                Try here:  http://www.avg.com/ww-en/utilities


                Regarding GetSusp, it should have automatically submitted those detections anyway if that option was checked off, see:  http://www.mcafee.com/us/downloads/free-tools/how-to-use-getsusp.aspx


                Malwarebytes Free may be useful in this regard to get rid of most or all of them.  Especially as it can be run in Safe Mode if necessary and you can even update it and run it in 'Safe Mode with Networking'.









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                  So far, so good... though I don't want to jinx things.  Microsoft Fix It seems to be functioning normally again, McAfee installed and is up and running, AVG seems to be removed. I am cautiously optimistic. 


                  Thanks so much for your expert advice! 


                  By the way, I think I picked up AVG when I downloaded a version of WinZip.

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                    Peter M

                    Well that sounds promising, let's hope it stays that way ;-)


                    Yes re: "picking up" odd software, you have to really watch yourself these days when downloading things, otherwise you end up with all sorts of unwanted and unnecessary things.


                    All the best.

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                      Hi All,

                      I just wanted to add my solution to this problem as none of the above worked for my situation.

                      I had just changed from a 32 to 64 bit platform.


                      First of all I followed all the above and other suggestions, and I do recommend these first.


                      I ran the AVG uninstall program.

                      I ran stinger with no virus issues found

                      I ran the pre-install program

                      I ran the virtual technician


                      I also deleted all temp files and tried to install in safe mode, still did not work.

                      I also had a live chat with McAfee service people who took remote control of my computer twice, this did not fix the problem ether. (Although both times they said "it will work when you re-start")



                      I did tell them I had just changed from 32 to 64 bit platform but they did not pick up on this point.


                      The problem / solution:


                      I used a program called “windows easy transfer” when changing from win xp to win 7.

                      This actually worked very well to bring in all my email and personal folders in one easy step, I also used the 64 bit version to ensure no issues.  But this is the issue, it must bring over some info that leads certain programs to still think you are running 32 bit.   After almost giving up and changing to another anti-virus program I just happened to notice that the online java installer had 32 bit showing and this matched up with the virtual technician saying I did not have java installed....


                      So.. I reinstalled win 7 without using the “easy transfer program” move email etc manually (Not hard) and now everything works fine.

                      So if you change from XP 32bit to win7 64 don’t use the windows easy transfer tool!


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                        Peter M

                        I've seen problems before involving that particular upgrade path.  Although many web sites tell you how to do it, Microsoft always maintained it's not supported.   Glad you sorted it out in the end.