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    shutdown pc on detection of a virus


      I would like to know if there is a setting in the VirusScan Enterprise where I can shutdown the computer as and when a virus is detected and cleaned/deleted.

      If this setting is not there, can you please let me know if the VirusScan Enterprise writes some logs or something which I can use to programmatically detect the same so that my program can initiate a shutdown of the PC.

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          this is managable via "Automatic Responses". After the definition for what to start the response (filtermenu) you can choose an "external Task" as response.


          For doing this you have to create a *.cmd File with the paramters you want (like "shutdown -s") and register it for use with your ePO via "Menu", "Configuration", "Registered executables...". After registration you can use this cmd-File as automatic response for given parameters and criterias.

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            Hi Don,

            Thanks for the reply. Your answer seems to be the closest to a possible solution I might have. But I am not able to find the options you have explained. I am attaching a screenshot of the VirusScan Console what I have in my PC. Note that the VirusScan Enterprise is managed centrally by my Organization. The below picture shows what I can see in my system. It would be great if you could guide me in finding thise options (Automated Responses, etc) from the screen shots below:




            Also, if I go to my All Programs --> Mcafee, this is all what I have. I dint get what is this ePO, u mentioned.



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              Don_Martins solution is for ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator) the enterprise management console for all McAfee products.


              Sadly there isn't much you can do as a normal user, this can only be done by the McAfee administrator of your Organization as he'll have access to ePO.