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    Installation Cannot Start

      Just bought AntiVirus Plus and I can't install. I get the same issues described at https://community.mcafee.com/thread/35804 i.e. cid=62492 error. Based on this thread I don't want to be forced to rollback IE. I have version 10.0.9200.16540. Is there a fix for this issue?


      If not looks like it's time to apply for a refund.

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          Peter M

          If you've been running any registry cleaners stop as those destroy your system and cause similar problems to this.


          Make sure you've removed any other antivirus and used their removal tool if applicable.


          Open IE10 (whether or not you use it) and go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset and OK any prompts,, Apply and OK

          Close and reopen IE10 and go to Tools/Add-ons and re-enable any you need.


          Uninstall any McAfee entries in Control Panel > Programs

          Run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

          Run the mcpreinstall tool

          Try your installation again.


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