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    ePO Real Time test


      i've deployed on my ePO 5 alpha server the new real time module.


      Everything is working fine exept the dashboard part.


      Executing a ASK task from the Real time menu works well, the TAKE ACTION remediation task works well too, it's simple, intuitive and gives us a better way to manage and survey our computers.


      The lonely trouble i have is with the display of a real time dashboard. If i add on a fresh created  dashboard a simple real time monitor, it stays white just displaying the PERCENT COMPLETED 0% message. The same request made by the way of the REAL TIME menu gives me result in a few seconds.


      did someone else made a test with this module ?

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          Which monitor are you using on the dashboard? This should work OK - I'll see if I can reproduce it.


          Thanks -



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            For example, all these questions works well if called from the Real time menu but doesn't work in the dashboard


            Just a precision, this is a demo server used for formation. So the Rela time server has been installed on the same server than the epo as explained in the doc (possible for less than 100 computers). Perhaps this is the reason ?

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              I have exactly the same issue.


              I have installed ePO Real Time Server 1.0.2 on the same server as my ePO 5.1 and the dashboards are also stuck at "percent completed 0%".


              Do you have any update on this case ?


              What is really surprising me is the fact that, during ePO Real Time 1.0.2 installation, no user/password credential is asked for the SQL Server connection. The only user I add to enter was a local server admin user. Since my ePO server and SQL server are in a DMZ they are not Domain member, each Server is standalone with local user. Everything is working fine with ePO 5.1 since the ePO installation is asking for a user/password on the SQL Server, but how ePO Real Time is supposed to connect since it as no credential ???...