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    Firewall Log


      I'm having some issues with my firewall rules. For testing purposes i've been trying to block pinging to a specific host, i put the rule at the top of one policy A going to machine A and it blocks the ping, but with a different policy (B going to machine B) it does not block ping. So i've cloned the working policy (policy A) and applied it to machine B and it blocks ping, but when i change some of the allowed rules it stops blocking, if i undo the changes, it still doesnt want to block pings. Are there any logs that can help troubleshoot this?

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          Kary Tankink

          In the HIPS Client UI (run McAfeeFire.exe or open via the tray icon menu), and go to the Activity Log tab.  Enable the LOG ALL BLOCKED/ALLOWED and TRAFFIC filter options.


          Review what firewall rules are allowing/blocking the ICMP traffic incorrectly.  Adjust the rules accordingly.

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            Interesting.... I tried that on the machine but didnt get anything, but i tried it on the working machine and got the blocked and allowed traffic. Sounds like i have a bigger issue than i thought.