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    Saas Client with No Internet Connection



      I have enabled the Relay Service on an Internet Connected Server which has SAAS installed on it, I have a question regarding the Saas Clients on the same subnet, they seem to be updating via the Relay Server but dont check in or show in the Security Centre (presumably because they dont have Internet Access) Should the clients update the Security Centre via the relay server as I have a number of Clients not showing up.


      If they should appear in the Security Console how does this work and where can I look to see why it is not working correctly


      If the Clients dont show their status in the Security Centre how can I check which Clients are up to date and which are not?


      We have EPO installed for managing Virusscan enterprise devices and have added the SAAS plugin but it seems unable to do much apart from linking to the Security Centre Web Site, is it possible to manage or check updates for Saas Devices from the EPO console?