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    Upgrade from 4.6.2 to 5.0: Rogue System Detection incompatible


      I'm trying to upgrade ePo 4.6.2 to 5.0, but the migration tool tells me: Rogue System Detection (rsd) - requires Rogue System Detection

      Now i have no idea how to update RSD.

      - In the Menu > Software > Software Manager, RSD is not found.

      - I've looked in the Menu > Software > Master Repository, and there Rogue System Sensor is shown version 4.6.2, but no update button is present.

      - Looking at the Menu > Software > Extensions, the Rogue System Detection is shown there, but underneath ePolicy Orchestrator

      - I did download the newest version from the website, and it is part of our company license. Then I did go to Menu > Software > Master Repository > Check In Package.

        Package type: Product or Update (.zip), browsed to the zip file called 'RSD_Sensor_471.zip', but than the 'Distrubution Type' is set to 'Evaluation'.


      The server where ePo is installed was also our rogue system detection server, but did remove the software, and it is also not showing anymore in 'Programs and Features'. Also i did reboot a couple of times, but the migration tool still is telling me a newer version needs to be installed.

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