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    I come to praise McA, not to bury it....?


      Hello Ex_Brit, et al.,


      I was here not too long ago rambling about McA Sec Center and all its problems. And there have been many over the years.


      What's good for the goose...


      After experiencing a serious update problem, an uninstalll and re-install to Version 12 to correct the issue, and a walk through with Tech help via the free phone call, I am here to report, and congratulate McA on one of the finest versions of Sec Center I have used in my 20+ years of subscribing.


      Version 12 is clean, quick, concise, and  finally a great UI....and that's both on my older XP system as well as on my Win 7.


      Well done, McA...This version is heads and shoulders above anything you've ever released to consumers over the years. Now, keep up the good work. And, if something is working right, don't change it just to change it.


      Best regards....