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    Identity Management Software and WebAPI Calls

      We are implementing an Identity Management system and would like to use the WebAPI to force an immediate sync from the ePO server down to the client machine, when the client uses our IAM solution to reset their domain password. The details that I been able to find up this point are not clear as to whether or not that can be accomplished through the WebAPI. We are currently using SSO and if a user resets their domain password via the IAM tool, they are required to use the old password after the first reboot.


      Does anyone have any experience with this or can proved some guidance?




      The Identity Management tool we are using is Courion Password Courier.

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          If you just want the machine to sync you can force a wake up call:






          The full command options:


          system.wakeupAgent names [fullProps] [superAgent] [randomMinutes] [forceFullPolicyUpdate] [useAllHandlers] [retryIntervalSeconds] [attempts] [abortAfterMinutes] [includeSubgroups]

          Wakes up the agent on a supplied list of systems

          Requires Agent wakeup permission



          [names (param 1) | ids | groupId] - Choose names to pass a comma separated list of system names, ids to pass a comma separated list of ids, or a groupId to wakeup all systems in a group

          fullProps (param 2) - If true, full properties will be sent by Agent. Defaults to false.

          superAgent (param 3) - If true, wakes up Super Agents. Defaults to false.

          randomMinutes (param 4) - Minutes to randomise the wakeup calls, 0 means immediate. Defaults to 0.

          forceFullPolicyUpdate (param 5) - If true, Agent will force a full policy update. Defaults to false.

          useAllHandlers (param 6) - If true, uses any available Agent Handler. Defaults to false (use the last Agent Handler that connected to client system if appropriate).

          retryIntervalSeconds (param 7) - Retry interval in seconds. Defaults to 60.

          attempts (param 8) - Number of times the server will attempt to deploy the Agent. Defaults to 0.

          abortAfterMinutes (param 9) - Maximum number of minutes before aborting all attempts. Defaults to 20

          includeSubgroups (param 10) - If true, deploys to all child groups when deploying to a group using groupId property. Defaults to false.