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    Question about KB KB77513


      Hi there

      I'm new here and if i place this post in incorrect place pls correct me.

      I thinking about KB77513 article.

      https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB77513&cat=CORP_ENDPOINT_ ENCRYPTION_FOR_PC_&actp=LIST

      I have this issue and would lika to know if somebody fix it himself.

      I found that there is a file ..McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Agent\Locale\Polish called Core-0415.xml

      I think that only need is some modyfication in this file to fix this issue.


      Pls answer is that correct way (no errors after editting this file)


      Best rgds


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          yes, that's how we will fix it ourselves, but modifying the local files is not something we support - so the helpdesk won't be able to assist you if it gets messed up.


          As you found though, it's a pretty easy thing to do. Maybe you might share it here for other people to use (at their own risk of course!)

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            Thx for the answer.

            Will try for test an will place here my result.

            Maybe if i modyfi this file in instalation package it will fix translation in all devices i have.

            I use 3rd party software to distribute EA, EEA and EEPC.




            Ok then.

            I put some update here.

            I modify the file, and it works perfectly.

            I modify the file in package and my deploying tool distribute correct translation.

            Thx a lot for any answers


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