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    How to decrypt the D drive if C Drive is not encrypted.



      Initially my laptop was fully  encrypted.unfortunetly user formated the C drive and install OS  by taking data backup in D Drive.

      now the D drive is not accessable.its asking for format if you want to use.


      Than i decrypted the D Drive using the NB886.xml file but not able to succeed it.same problem.



      But what i have notice is, i have 2 keys in ePO server.

      NB886.xml and old_0_NB886.xm l.

      The old_0_nb886.xml was created on 12/3/2012.

      I used the Latest key NB886.xml.

      can i try old_0_NB886.xml to decrypt once again?


      or what should i use please help me out on this.