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      Hi All,


      I hope someone can off some help\support.


      We have had a user requesting that some applications be excluded from the policy scanning as they affect performance. They also asked if we could stop the scanning during startup, I was unaware that EPO\Mcafee scanned applications during startup? The only scanned policy with us is the daily one which occurs during silent hours.


      Am I missing something? Does McAfee scan in the background automatically at set periods without a policy?


      The questions I have are...

      1. Can some of these applications be excluded from our UAD Policy scanning.

      2. If they can be excluded - how can we achieve this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          I'm guessing this is actually about VirusScan Enterprise (If not please state the end product other than the McAfee Agent).

          Moving to VSE Enterprise group so it can recieve better attention on using exclusions.

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            Hi Rackroyd,


            Thanks very much - yes it is to do with VSE enterprise as that is where the scanning takes place. Thanks for noticing that, and moving it to the VSE Enterprise group.

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              Are you running On-Demand Scans at all?  If you are i would check to see if you have the Run if Missed option checked, this would cause the scan to initiate within the specified timeframe and will impact a user when logging in.


              The application you referenced i am assuming that the On-Access Scanner (OAS) is the one that is causing the performance issue, and yes you can exclude the application from being scanned.  You can verify this by reviewing the logs on the local system \Program Data\McAfee\DesktopProtection


              OAS - Exclusion

              Policy Catalog > VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 > On-Access Default processes Policies

              Edit the policy for the system in question

              From the "Settings for" ensure that its set for the correct system type (Workstation or Server)

              Click the Exclusions tab


              Within the "What not to scan" box you can ADD a new exclusion and specify either the path or the executable.