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    Unexpected Inconsistency; run fsck manually


      Hi everyone,


      I got this error in a Web Gateway 4000 with version 7.2 after a electric power failure...  " /dev/mapper/vg00-opt: Unexpected Inconsistency; run fsck manually"




      When we insert the root password the Web gateway shows repair filesystem promt, we can't  get a feedback file or even try for a shutdown -rF now.  Nothing works




      We can't see the file /opt/mwg..  the error was Not such file  or directory.




      To resolve the issue we execute this command fsck  /dev/mapper/vg00-opt  and power cycle the web gateway,  after that the Web gateway start again without problems.



      I post this issue because I want to have more information about the commands we can execute to resolve this kind of problem,  like a CLI documentation or something like that..


      Thanks a lot for your support

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          MWG appliance is based on a redhat compatible linux distribution. The file system check you saw there is part of the basic operating system. It detected an inconsistency in the file system - caused by the power failure - and asked for manual repair because the file system check might encounter errors it is not able to resolve automatically. Running fsck was the right solution there.


          Next time consider using "fsck -y /dev/...", -y will try to auto-repair any corruptions that it finds. A human expert might do a better job, but auto-repair is faster and in most cases you need an "expert" expert to make better decisions than the tool. If the tool encounters any situation it cannot resolve safely it will still ask for guidance.


          MWG tools are located on a separate partition, /opt. At the time of file system check these partition are not mounted into the file system tree. Running feedback script wouldn't have helped anyway, it doesn't collect any meaningful information about filesystem state.

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            Hi Ed,


            Thanks a lot for your response.