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    SiteAdvisor "Headless mode"


      Hi all


      Could someone please explain to me what exactly is headless mode for SAE?

      We are currently having problems with SAE on IE 9 in our environment and I was wondering if the "headless mode" fix in the latest patch had anything to do with the SAE balloon.



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          The "headless mode" removes the SAE balloon from your browser. The "headless mode" patch we used has fixed a couple of issues we were having in our environment.

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            Hi gene0915


            Thanks for the reply. Does the Headless mode need to be enabled via a policy on ePO? We installed the patch and the SAE balloon is still displayed on IE.

            When SAE 3.5 was first released we tested it with help from McAfee, without the balloon we had no issues but with the balloon IE failed to work properly.

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              After further investigation I managed to find the Headless mode (SiteAdvisor toolbar)  policy after updating our SAE extensions.

              I duplicated the policy and disabled the toolbar then assigned the policy to a test group. IE 9 now opens perfectly and SiteAdvisor also still works just without the toolbar.

              Thanks for the tip!