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    Lost access to mgt console




      I recently installed the prevent .tgz and change the management ip address from  to another and all was working fine.



      When I connected again and logged into the DLPand was looking around the prevent interface I changed the management inteface again to another IP address which required a reboo!!!



      since then I have not been able to log back in, is there a conf file for the interface that I can change to the correct IP address?????

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          I would confirm thru putty that the changes you made in the GUI committed.  You can follow the below KB article to confirm.



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            hi tonyw


            I can confirm that all the settings are as per the article. from the windows box using arp -a I can see the ipaddress - mac address of eth1 (mgt port) is set to


            I can ping both ways from to the appliance to the windows box, however cannot telnet to port 443 connection refused and cannot browse from IE.


            is there an internal webserver (apache) that may hold the rogue ip address i set and if so how can I get at the configs files?

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              The services should start if the settings are like it says in the KB. I had the same problem when i didn't matched the hostname in "hosts" file with the actual IP address of the appliance.

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                There are 4 places total where you might want to confirm the settings.







                Only change in these locations what looks to be incorrect.  If stingray isn't starting after an ip change, that's probably the cause.

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                  I have finally worked out the problem, I eventually found that there are two files:








                  The stringray service had not started and within the file it advised to copy to the command line: IPMI_PORT_IN_USE=TRUE


                  I did this and was then able to get into the dlp mgt viathe web interface, I have copied the command to the rc.local script.


                  Thanks for your help.