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    Getting 20+ spam mails everyday from this forum, someone has to stop this

      I had made a post in this forum a long time ago but haven't posted anything in the past two years.  But suddenly I am getting 20+ spam mails from Peacekeep, all about porns, everyday because I had made a comment in one of the old threads.  I can't unsubscribe or report abuse because when I clicked on the abuse button it said the thread didn't exist.  Despit the fact that there's no contents in the email but I still would like this to stop.  Please do something!

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          Peter M

          Sorry about that.  The forums have been under attack lately and sometimes we aren't fast enough to stop it.   I have not only locked the only thread that I could find you subscribed to, other than this one of course, but I have also unsubscribed you from everything, which means you wont get notification of this response, so I will send you a private message too.


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            I went back and checked the original thread, which has been dormant a long time. Whatever's going on here it's nothing to do with that thread or your contribution to it, at least.


            I suspect that this is an unexpected side-effect of something that's been going on for several weeks now : the forum has been under sustained attack by groups of Bangladeshi and Indian forum spammers, who have been flooding areas of the forum with trash posts featuring, for example (from the latest batch) "Lucknow Call Girls". We've been dealing with the attacks as best we can, but some of our attempts to block them haven't been successful. We tried filtering out anything with "girl" in until we realised that many users have "girl" as part of their user name - as in your case. I don't know what's gone wrong here but I suspect this is connected, especially as it's recent.


            Could you help us find out what's gone wrong here by sending me a copy of one of the posts you've received? Send it to me as a quote in a Private Message (I don't think you can just forward posts in a PM) and I'll let the Board Administrator know we've got a problem.


            Whatever the reason for this, I'm sorry you've been getting these messages. I just wonder how many other users are affected.