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    Problems upgrading MQM 6.1 to 7


      Hi folks,


      Hoping someone can help with this. The company I work for has currently got MQM 6 patch 1 running on a machine with Vista. When trying to start the upgrade to MQM 7, it threw up error messages about MySQL not being compatible with this machine so we decided to install MQM 7 on a different machine (Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1) and copy the database over from the MQM6 Vista machine.


      I've tried all of the following and I KEEP coming across the same issue - it won't let me log in as a super admin, it says "invalid logon. try again or contact a system admin".


      Variations I've tried that DO let me log in:


      Fresh MQM 7 install (MySQL, MQM & MQM DB Suite) on new Server, use default settings for DB user and super admin user during install. Can log in with default super admin settings. Then log into MySQL via command line and change super admin email address to Quarantine@mywork.blah.etc and then log in and change password to desired password.


      This works fine but if I try to restore the old MQM 6.1 database it doesn't let me log in with any super admin credentials.


      I've tried the following:



      Install "MySQL for MQM 6" on new server > drop 'mqm' database and re-create > restore MQM 6 sqldump file into mqm database > install "MySQL for MQM 7" > it picks up previous db and asks for the credentials > install MQM & DB Suite > test connection to restored DB with "MQM DB Suite" configure database window


      - attempt to log in as original MQM6 super admin account > logon fails

      - attempt to log in as default super@mqm.com super admin account > logon fails




      Install MySQL for MQM 7, MQM7 and MQM DB Suite 7 using custom DB & super admin settings


      - attempt to log in as specified super admin account > logon fails

      - attempt to log in as default super@mqm.com super admin account > logon fails



      So how do I transfer all of the currently quarantined emails in MQM 6 over to the new MQM 7 installation on Windows Server?


      Should I do a mysqldump that doesn't include the adminusers table? Or only includes the tables with the emails? Or are the emails even store in the DB?


      I'm fine with manually configuring MQM again, it doesn't have a lot of settings so I'm not worried about the config not being transferred and I can export the black & white lists from the current MQM 6 installation. All I'm really concerned about is not losing any emails that are currently quarantined.


      If they're not even actually stored on the MQM machine then great, but I'm not sure where it stores them, to be honest. Is it on the EWS box? If I once get this new MQM setup configured, I'm planning to swap the current MQM6 machine's IP with the new MQM7 machine so EWS & ePO should automatically point to it.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. This has been annoying me for a few days now.